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Getting Started with iPlant

Getting Started with iPlant

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Getting Started with iPlant

Welcome! We are thrilled you stopped in.

iPlant is a community of researchers, educators, and students working to enrich all plant sciences through the development of cyberinfrastructure — the physical computing resources, collaborative environment, virtual machine resources, and interoperable analysis software and data services — that are essential components of modern biology.

Before you begin, you may want to view a video introduction to the Discovery Environment.

The pages in this space describe the first steps to working with iPlant to help with your plant (and now animal!) science-related data storage, processing, bioinformatics tool hosting, and supercomputing needs. This includes signing up for an iPlant account, setting your user preferences, logging in and out, adding an app or service, and getting help.

For information on getting your data into the iPlant Data Store, see Storing and Accessing Your Data in the Data Store.


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