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Welcome to SciPlant!

The purpose of this group is to provide program, product, and project management support for iPlant's scientific objectives. SciPlant is a public space to communicate progress for scientific initiatives at iPlant.
This group is responsible for the following:

  • Helping manage science driven projects within iPlant
  • Scoping projects in the context of current cyberinfrastructure functionality
  • Describing scientific needs for future CI development
  • Facilitating clear communication
  • Assisting in facilitating "Powered by iPlant projects"
    SciPlant Meeting Notes
What the P?

Projects and Processes: See this page to learn how to get a project into SciPlant

Science Analyst working pages

Agave Application Tagging
University of Arizona FY6 Scientific Deliverables
University of Arizona FY7 Scientific Deliverables


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