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Documentation Workspace

Welcome! The Documentation Team uses this Workspace to track and manage documentation projects and products in various stages of development. It is not intended to be the final resting place for documentation, but rather a place to work on projects until they reach a level of readiness appropriate for use.

Documentation Product Status: status of each documentation product/resource

Note: to keep this clean and useful, completed projects and projects that will not receive further updates are in a separate chart below.

Under Discussion In Planning Taking Off In Flight Recently Landed or Ongoing
    Written tutorials for specific scientific workflows using the DE iPlant Screencasting (Jason/Shannon)
See also: Specific screencast videos currently being produced

    iPlant Infographic (Shann) Acronyms+/Glossary
Atmosphere User Manual
      Open(1) for all TR ontology 
For status of work in progress for the next DE release, see [docs:DE Documentation Status]
For current release of the manual, see Discovery Environment Manual

      PhytoBISQUE (Shann) New Evaluation Guide and Quick Start
      Training Module Materials (Shann) Open(1) for all unreleased DE components 
      Genome Assembly (Shann) Wiki [Knowledge Management] (Shann, Tina, MMS)
      iPlant Newsfeed (Shann) TNRS documentation (Shannon)
      My-Plant (Shann) List of Available Materials, Documentation, and User Help Options  
      TreeViz (Shann) [Social Media] campaign (Shannon)
      E-Training Initiative (Shann) Evaluation Guide (Quick Start) for Atmosphere 
        _InclusionsLibrary (Kathleen) For reusable content
         User Help Forums (Shann)

1 Open refers to the full process of intellectual property disclosure to the UA Office of Technology Transfer and release documentation (README, INSTALL files, etc.) for code that is made available to the public.

Completed, older projects
[notes:What Goes Where]
Getting Started with iPlant
Data Store section for iPlant Website (Shann)
Registered iPlant Users Metrics (Shann)
Moving Apps documentation out of versioned DE Manual (Matthew) DONE: Discovery Environment Applications List
Moving [DE tool integration] into DE Manual 1.0 (Matthew)
Removing [old DE tool integration documentation] (Matthew)
[TiTo] (also exists for [old, manual method]) (Matthew, Shannon) Has been merged into DE manual for 1.0
[Tool/application integration documentation] update (Matthew, Shannon) done for 0.6--for 1.0, merged into [DEman1p0:]
BrachyBio! documentation (Matthew, Mary Margaret)
[Release notes for DE 0.6] (Matthew/Shannon)
[Discovery Environment Manual 0.6] (Matthew, Shannon)
iPlant Website update for 0.6 release (Shannon)
User help forum (Matthew)
[Release Notes for DE 0.4] (Shannon, Matthew)
iPlant Wiki Article (Matthew)
History of iPlant page for Wiki & Website
Refreshed Website (Vicki, SAs)
[Discovery Environment Manual 0.4] (Matthew, Shannon)
Open(1) for datamatch (lopper) (Matthew)
Open(1) for Atmosphere for Android (Matthew)
[Tools and Analyses Integration Using JSON] (Shannon)
Open(1) for TNRS (Matthew)
[Release Notes for DE 0.3] (Matthew)
[DE Manual 0.3] (Matthew)
Open(1) for Atmosphere (Matthew)
Open(1) for tree reconciliation viewer (Matthew)
Open(1) for phyloviewer (Matthew)
Open(1) for viewer-editor framework (Matthew)
Open(1) for phyloparser (Matthew)
Open(1) for iplant-treerec (Matthew)
DE Manual 0.2 (Matthew)
Documentation Standards for iPlant (Matthew)
Documentation Review Procedure Draft, not been able to implement (Matthew)
Open Source release process Checklist - Developer Notes(Matthew)
Documentation Plan (Matthew)

The Documentation Team + ad hoc includes:

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