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iPlant Events and Workshops for 2012

Title Type Date Location iPlant Contact
Institution Contact
CaBIG NIH-ICR Working Group Seminar Jan. 11 Austin, TX D. Stanzione   Dan S presenting on connections, "The iPlant Collaborative and TACC: Quick Overviews"
Genomics In Education Workshop Jan. 12-13 San Diego, CA J. Williams
  San Diego State University
Trainers: Jason Williams, Sheldon McKay
BeanCAP 2012 Meeting Jan. 12-13 San Diego, CA S. Goff
Phil McClean, BeanCAP, Project Director S. Goff attending
PAG 2012 Conference Jan. 14-18  San Diego, CA S. McKay
  iPlant Workshop, Jan 17, 10:20 AM - 12:30 PM, California Room
Internet2 Meeting Jan. 24 Baton Rouge, LA D. Stanzione
  Dan presented: "The Case for Well-Architected Networks: Data Intensive Science and it's Impact on TACC" ; 200 in audience
NSF Site Visit Meeting Jan. 25-27 Tucson, AZ S. Goff
K. Cone
Closed meeting to NSF Site Visit Team and iPlant Staff
Intrexon Seminar-Industry Feb. 1 Germantown, MD S. Goff
Thomas Hohn Steve Goff presentation
Train-the-Trainers Workshop Internal Training Feb. 8-10 Austin, TX U. Hilgert
D. Stanzione
Closed internal workshop training
Environmental Layers Seed Project Working Group Feb. 17 Tucson, AZ M. Narro
M. Narro
iPlant reimbursing NCEAS participants only
Course-based Undergraduate Research Experences Network Meeting Feb. 26-27 Chevy Chase, MD D. Micklos D. Micklos Dave Micklos presented "The iPlant Collaborative".
iPlant participating in User Group Meeting Mar. 1-2 Tucson, AZ N. Merchant
R. Moore
Nirav: this is a good opportunity to interact with other CI groups that use iRODS and also suggest features/improvements, meet the developers.
Kris K and Dmitry F attending.
48th Annual Illinois Corn Breeders' School Conference Mar. 5-6 Champaign, IL D. Ware   Doreen Ware presenting March 5, 9:15am, "Data Resources for Genomic and Functional Analysis"
SXSW Interactive 2012 Conference Mar. 9-13 Austin, TX D. Stanzione   Dan Stanzione to present "The iPlant Collaborative: Cyberinfrastructure to Feed the World" in the Government and Global Issues Campus (AT&T Conference Hotel).
Tools & Services Workshop Workshop Mar. 12 Berkeley, CA E. Lyons
Madhavan Ganesh
UC Berkeley/USDA-ARS Albany
Trainers: Eric Lyons, Nicole Hopkins, Shannon Oliver
Tools & Services Workshop Workshop Mar. 12 - 13 Davis, CA J. Williams
Siobhan Brady
UC Davis
Trainers: Jason Williams, Sheldon McKay, Nirav Merchant, Naim Matasci
Tools & Services Workshop Workshop Mar. 13 Palo Alto, CA E. Lyons
Eva Huala
Stanford University
Trainers: Eric Lyons, Nicole Hopkins, Shannon Oliver
Location: POST, Redwood Hall, Rm G6
Tools & Services Workshop Workshop Mar. 21-22
Riverside, CA M. Vaugh, N. Matasci
Jim Burnette
UC Riverside
Trainers: Matt Vaughn, Naim Matasci, Martha Narro, Fusheng Wei
Genomics in Education
Mar. 27-28
West Lafayette, IN J. Williams
Burkhard Schulz Purdue University 
Trainers: Jason Williams, Sheldon McKay

NSTA 2012 Annual Meeting Conference Mar. 29-Apr. 1 Indianapolis, IN J. Williams
  Jason Williams to give DNA Subway Talk
Tools and Services Workshop
Apr. 3
Tucson, AZ
E. Lyons
  University of Arizona, KEating #433
Trainers:  Nicole Hopkins
Limited to 10 people,
GNA/TNRS Code Review
Apr. 4-6
Tucson, AZ
M. Narro
M. Narro
In-person code review for Global Names Architecture and TNRS.
Iowa State Plant Sciences Institute
Apr. 5
Ames, IA
S. Goff
W. Beavis
Presentation on iPlant resources to the Plant Sciences Institute Advisory Board
Tools and Services Workshop
Apr. 9
Tucson, AZ
E. Lyons
  University of Arizona
Trainers: Eric, Nicole Limited to 10 people, location is 433 Keating BIO5
Genome Sequencing and Annotation Symposium + CoGe Workshop Apr 12-13 Gainesville, FL E. Lyons William Bradley Barbazuk & Pam Soltis Apr. 12: Eric Lyons to give a workshop, "From Microbes to Plants to Animals: Making comparative genomics easy with CoGe and iPlant"
Apr. 13: Eric Lyons to give a talk, "Evolution of Plant Genomes: Rooting with Amborella"
Genomics in Education
Apr. 26-27
New Orleans, LA
J. Williams
Solomon Adekunle
Southern University of New Orleans
Trainers: Jason Williams, Sheldon McKay
Biology of Genomes
May 8-12 Cold Spring Harbor, NY C. Noutsos   Christos Noutsos to present poster "iPlant Collaborative’s resources for life sciences"
UA Qiime Workshop
Workshop May 16-17

UA, Tucson, AZ Naim Matasci Greg Caporaso, Julie Neilson, Director, Research Lab, Department of Soil Water and Environmental Science, Shantz Bldg Room 429, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721, tel:520-621-9759 May 16 - Greg can meet with iPlant folks in Rm 409 (reserved 9am-5pm)
Awaiting confirmation of McClelland Park 102 for May 17
Tools and Services Workshop
May 17-18
LIttle Rock, AK
J. Williams
Emily Devereux, Roger Hall
University of Arkansas  
Trainers: Sheldon McKay, Jason Williams, Josh Stein
Tools and Services Workshop Workshop May 21-22 West Lafayette, IN J. Williams Peter Baker, Jyothi Thimmapuram Purdue University
Trainers: Sheldon McKay, Jason Williams, Andrew Lenards, Naim Matasci
Biology of Plants
May 30 -June 4 CSHL, NY
J. Williams
  DNA Subway Poster
Tools and Services Workshop Workshop May 31 -June 1 Raleigh, NC Uwe Hilgert, 411
Jenn Schaff

North Carolina State University
Trainers: Naim Matasci, Sheldon McKay, Martha Narro 
IBP Annual Meeting
June 3-9
Beijing, China
S. Goff
X. Delannay -IBP Proj Ldr; Jianmin Wan, CAAS
Steve has been invited as iPlant's representative, but will not attend.
Phylotastic Hackathon (HIP)
June 4-8
Durham, NC
N. Matasci
  The Hackathon took place at NESCent June 4 to 8. This wiki, which was used as a central resource for pre-hackathon planning, is in a state of flux. Some parts reflect pre-hackathon brainstorming and are out of date. Other parts reflect outcomes of the hackathon. iPlant contributed to the funding of this event.
HHMI Bioinformatics Workshop for Student-Scientist Parnerships Meeting June 14-16 Chevy Chase, MD D. Micklos, M. Vaughn   iPlant will be giving two presentations at HHMI:
David Micklos, "DNA Subway: An Intuitive Interface to Introduce Genome Informatics" and
Sheldon McKay, "The iPlant Collaborative: Bringing Together High Performance Computing and Biology"
8th International Purdue Symposium on Statistics Conference June 20-24 West Lafayette, IN J. Williams
Rebecca Doerge Jason Williams will give an iPlant Workshop on June 21 2012.
Genomics in Education
June 20-21
Tulsa, OK
J. Williams
Mary Phillips
Tulsa Community College
Trainers: Sheldon McKay, David Micklos
NSF Cyberinfrastructure Meeting
June 27
Annapolis, MD (SeSynC)
S. Goff, D. Stanzione, N. Merchant
Margaret Palmer, SeSynC
Meeting to identify and prioritize CI needs and determine the extent of coordination needed to allow an independent network of biological research centers/center-like orgs to thrive and add value to existing and future investments across the research community.
11th Symposium of Genetics in Aquaculture Registration Symposium June 28 Auburn, GA S. McKay Rex Dunham Sheldon McKay will present a seminar, "iPlant: Cyberinfrastructure for the life sciences" and will hold a mini-workshop on "Using iPlant Resources".
Genomics in Education
June 29-30
Fargo, ND
J. Williams
Shahryar Kianian
North Dakota State University
Trainers:Jason Williams, David Micklos
Tools and Services Workshop
Workshop June 29-30 Fargo, ND
J. Williams
Shahryar Kianian
North Dakota State University
Trainers: Sheldon McKay, Shannon Oliver, Christos Noutsos, Jason Williams 
ICAR 2012 (Arabidopsis)
July 3-7 Vienna, Austria 
D. Stanzione Session organized by Blake Meyers (UDel) and Erich Grotewold (Ohio State U) Abstract deadline: April 30; Dan giving talk to Arabidopsis informatics group, Tues, July 3, 4-5:30 PM 
Botany 2012 (BSA) Conference July 7-11 Columbus, OH J. Williams, N. Matasci   iPlant (1/2 day; afternoon) and DNA Subway (full day) workshop on Sun 7/8/12.
Naim presenting: "Correcting and standardizing taxonomic names using TNRS"; 
Session: SY11, ID SY11014; Franklin A/HyattWed 7/11, 5 PM; Abstract #596
Evaluation Strategy Meeting Internal Meeting July 10-11 Wilmington, NC S. Goff   Internal Meeting for Steve Goff, EMEC, and Dave Micklos.

Designated Lodging: Hilton Garden Inn
July 16-20
Portland, OR
JMatt Peterson
  JMatt attending OpenStack worshop
Tools & Services Workshop Workshop July 18-19 Austin, TX U. Hilgert
Dan Stanzione; Valerie Alvarez
UT Austin, TACC
Trainers: Dan Stanzione, Matt Vaughn, John Fonner, Christos Noutsos
Young Koung Lee will observe
Tools and Services Workshop  (ASAS)
July 20
Phoenix, AZ
E. Lyons
Shane Burgess, Lakshmi Matukumalli Trainers: Eric Lyons, Shannon Oliver, Andy Lenards
Uwe Hilgert will observe
Location: UA  College of Medicine-Phoenix, Rm 2208
DNA Subway / Barcoding Presentation @ Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows Conference
July 20
Columbus, OH
J. Williams
Dana DiLullo
Invited oral Presentation of DNA Subway Blue line and DNA Barcoding experiment.
Plant Biology 2012 (ASPB) Conference July 20-24 Austin, TX U. Hilgert, C. Noutsos, D. Micklos   Oral presentation at ASPB 2012 Education Minisymposium (Micklos)
Education booth in Exhibit Hall (Micklos)
iPlant Poster (Noutsos)
Plant Genomics Resources Outreach booth in Exhibit Hall (shared with Gramene, TAIR, PMN, plus 2 more - Dan Stanzione & Steve Goff)
Plant community surveys (Amy Nisselle)
ASPB 2012 iPlant mini symposium abstract was not selected.
PI Meeting Internal Meeting July 23-24 Austin, TX S. Goff   Internal meeting for Steve Goff and Dan Stanzione to discuss iPlant Roadmap.

Designated Lodging: Springhill Suites - Austin Northwest Arboretum
TSW @ USDA Maricopa
July 25-26
Maricopa, AZ
U. Hilgert, MM Sprinkle
Mike Gore, Jeff White Trainers: Eric Lyons, Sheldon McKay, Andy Lenards
Roger Barthelson & Uwe Hilgert will observe
RNASeq Workshop @ UA Workshop July 27 Tucson, AZ Sheldon McKay Eric Lyons Trainers: Sheldon McKay
Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology, CSU (CSUPERB)
Demo (Atmosphere)
Aug. 6
Long Beach, CA
Dave Micklos, Jason Williams
Susan Baxter
Presenter: Nirav Merchant
iPlant Renewal Roundup: Technical Issues Internal Meeting Aug 8-9 Austin, TX Dan Stanzione   UA Attendees:  S. Goff, N. Matasci, M. Narro, E. Lyons, J. Schneider, N. Merchant, A. Lenards, E. Skidmore
TACC Attendees: D. Stanzione, R. Dooley, M. Vaughn, S. Mock, C. Jordan
Designated lodging:  Hyatt House NW Arboretum
Genomics in Education Workshop Aug. 13-14 Bozeman, MT J. Williams Mari Eggers Montana State University
Trainers: Dave Micklos, Mohammed Khalfan
OSU Summer Workshop in Bioinformatics: Disentangling Entangled Genomes
Workshop Aug. 13-17 Stillwater, OK M. Vaughn   Workshop coordinated by Dan Stanzione and Matt Vaughn
Trainers t.b.a.
UA Cooperative Extension Annual Meeting Meeting Aug. 15 Tucson, AZ S. Goff Mike Crimmins, Assoc. Prof. & Extension Spec, Climate Science, Dept. of Soil, Water, and Env. Science, UA Steve presenting "The iPlant Collaborative: Cyberinfrastructure to Support Life Science Research" in Breakout Session for UA Cooperative Extension Collaborators
Genomics in Education Workshop Aug. 16-17 Provo, UT J. Williams Josh Udall Brigham Young University
Trainers: Dave Micklos, Mohammed Khalfan 
Tools and Services Workshop Workshop Aug. 20-21 Madison, WI Uwe Hilgert, J. Williams, 411
Edgar Spalding (TSW) Trainers : Jason Williams, Roger Barthelson, Andy Lenards
Genomics in Education Workshop Workshop Aug. 22-23 Madison, WI Uwe Hilgert, Jason Williams Scott Woody Trainers: Jason Williams, Brent Buckner (guest trainer, Truman State U)
iPlant Renewal Roundup II Meeting Aug. 28-29 Tucson, AZ S. Goff   Designated lodging: Windmill Inn
Nature Sweet Mtg Meeting Sept 4 Tucson, AZ S. Goff Chieri Kubota, UA S. Goff attending for iPlant representation
a meeting with selected plant scientists to learn and discuss what modern biology and genomics for tomato can do for Nature Sweet
Genome Informatics Conference Sept. 6-9 Hinxton, England M. Vaughn   Doreen Ware will be attending, Josh Stein will be giving a 20-min talk.
USDA Livestock Cyberinfrastructure meeting Workshop Sept. 12-13 Hinxton, England     Doreen Ware will be attending, Sheldon McKay will be presenting
iPlant Overview Presentation / Co-Teach Classroom Presentation
Sept. 20
Lowell, MA
J. Williams
Jessica Garb
Jason co-taught an introduction to iPlant and DNA Subway. Students will be working with Jessica to annotate genome sequence with DNA Subway as part of the 15K invertebrate genomes project.
IPG Seminar Series Presentation
Seminar Presenation
Sept. 24
Columbia, MO
S. Goff, T. Lee
Vicki Bryan
Sheldon McKay
Tools and Services Workshop Workshop
Sept. 24-25
Columbia, MO
U. Hilgert, T. Lee
Chris Pires, Vicki Bryan
Trainers: Sheldon McKay, Christos Noutsos, Zhenyuan Lu, Jason Williams
SACNAS National Conference Workshop Oct.
Seattle, WA J. Williams   Jason will present a half-day pre-SACNAS workshop at University of Washington.
Tools and Services Webinar Webinar Oct 12 Lawrence Berkeley National Lab J. Williams, S. McKay Yvette Piceno  
Plant Sciences Seminar: iPlant Semantic Web Seminar Oct. 16 Tucson, AZ D. Gessler   Damian Gessler will give a seminar, "iPlant Semantic Web Platform: Next Gen Integration for Plant Scientists" in UA's Plant Sciences Department (4pm in Marley 230).
Designated Lodging: Windmill Suites
iPlant Overview Presentation / Co-Teach
Classroom Presentation
Oct. 19
Amherst, MA
J. Williams
Li-Jun Ma
Jason Co-taught a presentation introducing iPlant and demoing the DE to Dr.Ma's introductory genomics course
CI Days Resource Fair Conference Oct. 26 East Lansing, MI A. Stapleton   Ann to present a poster on iPlant resources
Genomics in Education Workshop
Oct. 26-27
Detroit, MI
J. Williams
Mohammad Abbas
DNA Subway Workshop
Trainers t.b.a.
Genomics in Education Workshop Oct. 30-31 Anchorage, AK J. Williams Krystal Haase DNA Subway Workshop in conjunction with AISES National Conference
Trainers t.b.a.
Ann. Mtg. National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) Workshops & Demos Oct. 31 - Nov. 3 Dallas, TX DNALC   DNA Subway & DNA Barcoding Workshops and demos, partially in collaboration with Carolina Biologicals Supply company
Trainers t.b.a.
Western Assn of Core Directors (under ABRF)
Nov. 1-2
Portland, OR
N. Matasci
Ryan Kim, Director
UC Davis Genome Center
Naim presenting on how to integrate genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics information via bioinformatics to understand biological network and regulation
DataCloud 2012
Nov. 11
Salt Lake City, UT
R. Dooley
  Rion presenting on "Your Data, Your Way: The iPlant Foundation API", Third International Workshop on Data Intensive Computing in the Clouds.  Other authors:  M. Vaughn, E. Skidmore, S. Terry, N. Merchant, D. Stanzione.
5th IEEE Workshop on Many Task Computing on Grids and Supercomputers (MTAGS) (co-located with DataCloud 2012)
Nov. 12
Salt Lake City, UT
R. Dooley
  Rion presenting on "Software-as-a-Service: The iPlant Foundation API".  Other authors:  M. Vaughn, D. Stanzione, S. Terry, E. Skidmore.
Project Science Management Workshop Workshop Nov. 11-15 Ft Lauderdale, FL N. Matasci   Naim attending Caltech 11th Annual Project Science Management Workshop
International Semantic Web Conference
Nov. 11-15
Boston, MA
D. Gessler
  Damian presenting the iPlant Semantic Web Platform as a "Semantic Challenge" at the Poster & Demo Session on Tuesday, November 13, 18:30-21:00 (Imperial) &  Wednesday, November 14, 11:00-12:30 (Statler)
Swiss National Grid Association
Supporting Science with Cloud Computing
Nov. 19
Bern, Switzerland,
(remotely attended)
E. Skidmore
  Edwin gave a presentation to 90 members of the "Swiss National Grid Association" for their "Supporting Science with Cloud Computing" meeting.  They were very impressed with Atmosphere and expressed a strong desire to collaborate and possibly helping extend Atmosphere (once the updated code is available on GitHub). Presentation uploaded here.
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Nov. 20
Tucson, AZ
S. Goff, E. Lyons, N. Merchant, N. Narro, N. Hopkins, N. Matasci, U. Hilgert
  SG to present a general overview of iPlant, Naim: a deeper view of the tools and services; Martha: on Geospatial tools and the support for ecologists, Uwe: EOT, and when Nirav and Eric on teaching bioinformatics at college / grad level.
Nov 27 - 30
Santa Barbara, CA
M. Narro, N. Matasci
Michelle Morris
Events Coordinator
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
University of California, Santa Barbara
735 State Street, Suite 300
Santa Barbara, CA 93101-3351
Tel (805) 892-2500
Martha and Naim participating.
Combining Interdisciplinary & Translational Expertise (CITE) Inaugural Workshop
Dec. 6-7
Arlington, VA
S. Goff
Syril Pettit, ILSI Health and Env Sci Institute
Steve presenting on iPlant Collaborative in Session 2 (Case Studies in Collaboration: Translating New Science to Appliation in the Chemical, Agricultural, and Pharmaceutical Space)
Int'l Life Sciences Institue Health and Env Sciences Inst.'s CITE Inaugural Workshop Workshop Dec 6-7 Arlington, VA S. Goff Syril Pettit, HESI Exec Director, 1156 15th St NW, 2nd floor, Washington, DC 20005 Steve presented on iPlant Tools and Services needed to address biological research questions; Session 2.  See Agenda
Tools and Services Workshop Workshop Dec. 10-11 Honolulu,
J. Williams Gernot Presting Tools and Services Workshop, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Trainers: Jason Williams and Sheldon McKay
NSF Reverse Site Visit
Closed Meeting
Dec. 12-13
Arlington, VA
S Goff, D. Stanzione, N. Merchant, D. Ware, D. Micklos, M. Vaughn, J. Stein K. Cone, NSF Program Officer
iPlant meets with reverse site visit team at NSF offices.
Designated Lodging: Hilton Arlington and Sheraton Arlington
Genomics in Education
Dec. 13-14
Honolulu, HI
J. Williams
Ania Wieczorek
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Trainers: Jason Williams and Sheldon McKay
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