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This is the home of the iPlant Deliverable Tracking space.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact iPlant Collaborative Support .

Top Level Deliverables:
  • Physical and social infrastructure that supports computational thinking.
  • Software tools that enable cross disciplinary research teams to exchange, integrate and compare ideas, data sets and algorithms.
  • Biological community development, social networking tools, and teaching tools for a diverse variety of users, including researchers, K-12 educators and students, and university educators and students.
  • A diverse workforce with substantial representation by underrepresented minority students and their teachers.
  • Detailed understanding of the social networking and dynamic properties of the broader Collaborative community.

iPlant Draft Planning Documents 2013-2018

Management Docs 2011-2012

Requirements Traceability Matrix Year 6+ (high level)
Requirements Traceability Matrix (years 1-5)
Year 5 Roadmap

Project tracking based on evolution of iPlant

Scientific Coordination (includes plans for years 6+)
CI Coordination (includes plans for years 6+)
EOT Coordination (includes plans for years 6+)

iPlant Evolution

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Historical documentation

Link to grant proposal

Link to summary points from grant

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