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Discovery Environment Manual Table of Contents

This manual covers the current release of the iPlant Discovery Environment. The Table of Contents is shown below as well as on the left side of the screen as you read pages in this manual.

Using this Manual Highlights for navigating through the DE manual.
Evaluation and Quick Start Guide Brief introduction to using the Discovery Environment.
Registering for and Managing Your DE Account Signing up for an iPlant account; help with a forgotten password, username, or email address; logging in and out; setting user preferences; adding an app or service to your iPlant account; subscribing to the DE-Users mailing list; providing feedback about the DE.
Managing Data Files and Folders All about data file and folders: Searching; viewing and editing; uploading and importing, downloading, creating, renaming, moving, and deleting data files and folders; using metadata and metadata templates; sharing; changing permission levels.
Managing Apps Overview of the Apps window, including finding an app, app ratings, favorite apps, deleting an app.
Submitting Analyses Steps for submitting an analysis, using test data, canceling an analysis, relaunching an app with the same settings from a previous analysis.
Viewing Analysis Results How to view analysis results, review parameters used in an analysis, troubleshooting a failed analysis, reviewing log files, deleting analysis results.
Viewing and Deleting Notifications All about notifications and popups regarding status updates on actions taken related to analyses and data files and folders, and about DE system messages.
Creating a New App Interface or Automated Workflow Quick Start, steps to creating a new app interface, selecting the tool, requesting installation of a new tool, designing the interface, previewing the UI and JSON, saving the app, submitting your app for public use, and creating an automated workflow.
Troubleshooting and Getting Help with the Discovery Environment FAQs about the DE and links to video tutorials.
Release Notes -- Discovery Environment Release notes for all DE releases.


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