The applications listed here are available for use in the Discovery Environment and are documented in: Discovery Environment Manual.

Discovery Environment Applications List

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Discovery Environment Applications List

The list shown below is a current list of all apps and their documentation that is available in the current release of the Discovery Environment.

This list is populated automatically when an app or workflow is shared by its integrator. The documentation for each app that is available in the links below was generated when the app's integrator shared the app with the public. If you shared an app or workflow, please be sure to update your app's documentation so it is useful for other DE users.

To open an app in the Discovery Environment, click the Apps icon in the main Discovery Environment window.
You also can view the same documentation within the DE.

Definitions of tools, applications, and analyses appear at Understanding Tools and Applications.

If a software tool or version of a software tool that you would like to use is not currently available, you can request that it be installed.

Want to remove an app?
iPlant will respond to any request to remove any integrated software tool being used by an application at the request of the tool's copyright owner. To have us do so, please contact us at Please remember that if you request your tool be removed, it will not be able to be used by the community in the iPlant Discovery Environment and any applications that use the tool will cease to function.


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