Release Notes - Discovery Environment (DEPRECATED. File Issues in CORE project) - Version Under Evaluation - HTML format


  • [DE-869] - Recurring missing file error when navigating data store.
  • [DE-874] - Import from URL Upload window stays open for a long time after upload.
  • [DE-875] - Import from URL upload freezing and often failing.
  • [DE-877] - Deleting folders in Data window sporadically triggers error.
  • [DE-916] - Retaining Inputs: Some Apps retain inputs even if option not selected.
  • [DE-926] - Problems with bulk upload/download
  • [DE-944] - Analyses grid pagination appears disabled after clearing error message for search
  • [DE-964] - deleting of files is broken
  • [DE-986] - Unable to delete files.


  • [DE-849] - Improve iPlant DE with feedback features
  • [DE-939] - Easily submit example data for community use.


  • [DE-863] - Window specific settings: Persist path display option in Data window
  • [DE-879] - Improve UX for Automated workflows.
  • [DE-888] - Window Tile Issues: Positioning of windows needs improvement.
  • [DE-908] - Deleting Analysis: Write descriptive error message when deleted analysis notification clicked.
  • [DE-975] - Text formatting in informational text fields within DE apps.

New Feature

  • [DE-882] - Sharing/Collaborators: Allow search by username
  • [DE-957] - Give users access to the tools
  • [DE-968] - App/system for easy, secure Data upload from a Core Sequencing service server to the Data Store
  • [DE-980] - restrict access of selected DE apps to individual academic users


  • [DE-884] - App Integrator: Ability to select multiple info types for input files
  • [DE-974] - Allow tool integrators to reference the analysis name from within a wrapper script

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