EPIC-CoGe Browser



JBrowse implementation in CoGe

Issues: Unresolved

  • Improvement COGE-110 Add shift+click to select multiple tracks in JBrowse track selector
  • Improvement COGE-128 JBrowse zoom limit prevents desired features
  • Bug COGE-150 Errors generating subfeatures tracks in EPIC-CoGe

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug COGE-796 04/Apr/17 Feature track labels aren't shown while whole feature in view
  • Bug COGE-302 28/Mar/17 Feature subtypes track can hang browser
  • Improvement COGE-368 28/Mar/17 Subfeature color difficult to see

Versions: Unreleased

  • Unreleased 4  
  • Unreleased 5 Release Date: 24/Sep/12
  • Unreleased 5.5  
  • Unreleased 5.6.1 Release Date: 15/Aug/14